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In a June poll, SoWal Scene readers picked Hibiscus Coffee & Guest House the “Best Place for Breakfast” in South Walton. SoWal Scene’s Best of South Walton also picked South Walton’s best burger, best place to workout, best pizza, best sushi, best place for a hair cut and best golf course

Havens | Grayton Beach, Fla.

A Gulf Retreat for the Upscale but Unfussy
Beth Greenfield -The New York Times, June 6, 2008

WHEN Mike Ford
was in college, he became acquainted with the Florida Panhandle’s coast on spring-break jaunts that lured him to its developed, party-hearty beach towns […] [W]hen his future wife introduced him to the small and far-removed Grayton Beach, […], he didn’t quite know what to make of it[…]

Grayton Beach certainly stands out along Florida’s Emerald Coast and its scenic Route 30A, which offers a tour of the Panhandle’s most exclusive resort communities[…]

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sunrise sensations

by Deborah Garrison Lowery-Southern Breeze 2008 Spring Issue

Spinach and Feta Frittata
Cheri Peebles of Hibiscus Coffee and Guesthouse in Grayton Beach, Florida, had to run back to the kitchen and whip up this recipe to write down the amounts to share with Southern Breeze. She laughs as she admits, “I don’t usually follow a recipe.” She recommends serving the crustless quiche-like wedges to guests with a side of fruit salad topped with coconut [ . . . ]

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Past Perfect

Time really does stand still in this classic seaside village on the Florida Panhandle.

by Alex Crevar
Coastal Living Magazine, July 2007
I give my mother’s kayak a gentle shove and watch it split the waters of Western Lake in Grayton Beach State Park. To my right, a cloudless blue sky arcs above a powdery, white, Gulf of Mexico beach. Moms, dads, and children fly kites, lay out shrimp lunches, and read under umbrellas. Behind me, the tiny Florida town of Grayton Beach spreads haphazardly along shell-strewn roads that ramble through scrub oak and sea oats.

My grandfather built a house in Grayton 70 years ago, when it truly was the middle of nowhere. As a kid, I studied Gatsby-esque black-and-white images of my grandparents. They weren’t my ancestors yet; they were youngsters with carefree friends and cocktails in hand. Their grinning faces convinced me that this is how people should spend their summers: utterly removed from the world.

Even today, a stranger needs good directions to find Grayton. Just south of Florida’s Scenic Highway 30-A, it retains the feeling of a place apart. At Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse, a favorite breakfast spot and the town’s only inn, a chalkboard out front announces the day’s motto. Today’s sign reads “Be Peaceful.” It’s easy to follow the suggestion as I walk with innkeeper Cheri Peebles through the tree-shaded property, profusely planted with herbs and flowers. Inside the 11 rooms, Old Florida kitsch prevails, with coffee tins on bureaus and faded pennants tacked to the walls. “People are looking for their childhood memories when they come here,” Cheri says. “Guests will say, ‘Oh, when I was young, things were just like this.’”

Little has changed on Grayton Beach since the Butler family bought a quarter-mile stretch of sand on the Gulf, in about 1920. In 1986, they sold the beach to the state, with the stipulation that residents could continue driving on it. The reason behind the tradition: That’s how Grayton fishermen launch their boats.

“We’ve always driven our buggies down to the beach,” says resident DeLene Sholes. “When people got stuck, we’d just pull them out. It happened so often we started taking our drinks and making it a party.” (more…)

By Joyce Owen, Walton Sun, 07/28/07

When a line of bicyclists roll into the parking lot at the Hibiscus Coffee and Guest House in Grayton Beach on Saturday morning they are warmly greeted by the innkeeper, Cheri Peebles. Peebles doesn’t know why they started coming to her little spot about a year ago, but she greets them as she does all her guests, with a hug.

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Just Come and Be…

by Carolanne Griffith Roberts – Southern Living Magazine, June 2005

It’s simply a place to “be.” That word starts the commands Cheri Peebles writes on the board at Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse every morning. “It’s all about us,” she says in that Grayton way. “It’s usually something I need that day, ‘Be Grateful’ or ‘Be Understanding’, or ‘Be Optimistic.’”

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by Daily News’ restaurant reviewer, Colleen Coffield

GRAYTON BEACH – Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse is the kind of place that if I found it on my first day of vacation, I would return there for breakfast every other day. It has a charming atmosphere, reasonable prices, and food that is delicious, and good for you to boot [. . .]

Rated 4 Stars

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Sands of Time: An Old Florida Getaway

By Angela Wibking, TravelLady Magazine

Open the vintage screen door to the Hibiscus Coffee and Guesthouse in Grayton Beach,  just east of Destin on Florida’s Gulf Coast, and step back in time to a Florida of 60 years ago.

That’s the idea Louisiana businessman Kurt Tape and his wife Barbara had when they decided to open the coffeehouse/inn a few years ago. Since then the Hibiscus has carved out a niche in the gourmet coffee and breakfast area and in the realm of retro lodging